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K60 Portable Bluetooth® PA System


The Aqsty Pro K60 Portable Bluetooth® PA System is an all in one public address speaker system, designed to amplify your voice in a compact and easy to carry set. Enjoy 60 watts of power and an UHF (Ultra High Frequency) microphone that will rise to the challenge whether you want to give a lecture, make a toast at a celebration, or just have fun singing with karaoke. 

This powerful and sleek public address system features a Bluetooth® 4.2 connection, a USB port and a  Micro SD card slot so you have many options to play your favorite tunes and accompany your presentations with background tracks.   

Output Power60 W RMS
Drivers Size6 1/2" Full-Range Speaker 
2" Tweeter 
Bluetooth® Version4.2
Bluetooth® Operating RangeUp to 50 ft
Microphone Radio FrequencyUHF
Microphone Operating RangeUp to 100 ft
Battery Capacity6000 mAh
Charging Time4 - 5 hrs
Play Time6 - 8 hrs
Dimensions (W x H x D)11.5" x 14.8" x 6
Weight11.48 lbs
InputsUSB port, Micro SD Card Slot, 
3.5 mm Stereo Mini Jack (AUX),
1/4”  Stereo Jack (TRS),
15V Charging Jack


- The Aqsty Pro® K60 Portable Bluetooth® PA System

- Remote Controller

- 3.5 mm AUX Cable

- UHF Long Distance Microphone

- 15V AC Adapter (Charger)

- Instructions Manual

Karaoke Mode

Press a button and automatically lower the background music so you can show your talent and the only thing that gets highlighted is your voice.

Remote Control

Manage the volume, modes, and tracks even away from the speaker system. Perfect for any public address situation.

True Wireless Connection

Connect two speakers for an expanded experience and increase the range you reach. Amplify your voice with 120 watts of powerful stereo sound.

Recording Mode

Record a lecture or a fun night of karaoke and save the file with Recording Mode. You can re-play it or transfer the file with a Micro SD card. 


At Aqsty Pro® our mission is to deliver sound systems equipped with the functions you need.

Bluetooth® 4.2

Built with a trustful, good quality Bluetooth® chip that will get you the quickness, range and practicality you need.


A digital signal processing microchip to process data efficiently, and rectify sound defects.


Put your NFC™ enabled devices close to the K60 to connect in seconds.


Personalize the sound you play, managing low, medium & high frequencies through the incorporated controllers.

Live Mode

Preset equalization highlights medium and high frequencies so that your speaker delivers a powerful sound on the outdoors.

Power Bank

Connect a cable and recharge any device through the USB-A port.

Extended Battery

Enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime, don't worry that the sound will die in the middle of your lecture or the party.

Fast Charge

15V DC input to charge the full battery in 3 hours.

Hands Free

Get calls, answer with a click and speak through the built-in microphone.

Auto Turn Off

The set turns off automatically after 10 minutes of being disconnected from an audio source to save energy.

USB Play

USB-A input so that you have more playback options.

Micro SD

Insert your Micro SD card to play tunes or to save the files you record on Recording Mode. 


1/4” TRS jack line in to connect any wired inputs.


3.5 mm stereo jack for practical and quick wired connections.


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